Has the future already been here?

3000-year-old documents contain numerous and unmistakable descriptions of our own high-tech achievements. Descriptions of stuff like robots, airplanes, machine guns, cell phone implants, space elevators, etc., all written down millennia ago but with copies still available in your local library. How can this be?

Two possibilities. Either our ancestors could predict the future, or else they actually experienced a modern high-technology society. Einstein said that the first is impossible to do, and so what the ancients have written down must be eyewitness accounts of an advanced civilization.

Forget about ape-men and stone ages. The true pre-history of mankind is much more sophisticated and fascinating than anyone could ever have guessed.

This book, written by a technical detective, is a breath-taking explanation of what really happened in the distant past and what is about to happen to us again. Its style is light and entertaining, and the brand-new literary format is called 'text bytes'.

And since it's obvious that more enlightened civilizations than ours have just vanished, The gods of Samara is the most significant book you will ever read!

Unsolicited Testimonials

The book is funny enough to be easy reading, and profound enough to be re-read often. You might as well buy the gilt-edged, leather-bound edition.

... Mom.

Thomas Tobber has written a sure-fire contender for the Nobel prize for history!

... A. N.